About Us

Hillwood Baptist Church

Thanks for stopping by our site!   Hillwood Baptist Church is that church in southeast Huntsville that many people don't know by name but know by location - 'the church that sits up on the hill',  However you find us we would love for you to stop by and worship with us.

Hillwood is a purpose driven church?  You might ask what that means.  It means that we believe that every local church has five distinct purposes that God desires for it to fulfill.   The five purposes are:






Everything that we attempt to do for the Lord seeks to fulfill one of these purposes.  So if you are looking for a church with a 'purpose' come worship with us.   We would love to see you soon!



Church History

In 1952 the Fifth Street Baptist Church (now known as Jackson Way Baptist Church) organized our church as a mission at the Community Hall, Redstone Park, Farley.   That same year the mission was organized into a church and named Redstone Baptist Church.   Twenty-one people comprised the original membership which called Rev. Charles Hill to be their first pastor.  The first building was built in 1953.

In 1958 an educational building was constructed.

In 1962 the church bought the Kohler property, eleven and a quarter acres,  where the church is located now for $50,000.

In 1965 the churches named was changed from Redstone Baptist Church to Hillwood Baptist Church and the interim Worship Center was built.

In 1965 and 1972 several other educational buildings were constructed.

In 1978 our present Worship Center was built.

In 1995 many of our buildings were remodeled and a new Family Life Center was added.

Hillwood Baptist Church in its long history has been truly blessed by God.  Hillwood Baptist Church believes, preaches and teaches the Bible to be the inspired Word of God.   We are a Southern Baptist Church who seeks to share the gospel with as many people as we possibly can.

Pastors (1952-Present)

Rev. Charles Hill

Rev. Joe Crawford

Rev. Don Atkinson

Rev. Bill Cockerham

Rev. Stancil Casey

Rev. John Hogan

Rev. Gary Gates

Dr. Charles Freeman