YTT Choir By-Laws

Section 1. This choir shall be known as the YTT Choir. The name shall not be changed without the agreement of 2/3 of the members.
Section 1. The objectives of the choir are to sing praises to our Lord, have fun, and serve our church and our community.
Section 1. Membership is open to any adult that considers themselves a senior or enjoys associating with senior adults.
Section 2. Membership is not limited to members of Hillwood Baptist Church.
Section 3. Any member that has not been present for one year will be dropped from the rolls.
Section 1. The officers shall be a President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.
Section 2. The officers shall be elected during the first meeting in May and shall enter their official duties at the next meeting.
Section 3. The term of office shall be one year unless they agree to be nominated to a second term. In no event shall an officer serve more than two consecutive years without their approval and 2/3 of the total membership having been present and voting for such officer.
Section 4. The President has the following duties and responsibilities:
            a. To preside at all meetings in which they are in attendance.
            b. Appoint a committee to update the choir directory, but not more frequently than annually or less frequently than every three years. The directory should be completed no later than the last meeting in September. The issue date shall be on the cover.
            c. At each practice session, and on other appropriate occasions, conduct the prayer requests or appoint someone else to conduct it. The person conducting the prayer requests shall lead the prayer or request another member to lead the prayer.
            d. To appoint a nominating committee no later than April 1.
            e. To be leader of Group I that includes all other Group Leaders.
Section 5. The Vice-President has the following duties and responsibilities:
            a. To assume the duties in the absence of the President.
            b. Perform other duties as requested by the President or by a simple majority of the  members present at a duly called meeting.
Section 6. The Secretary has the following duties and responsibilities:
            a. To keep the minutes of all duly called meetings.
            b. To keep an up-to-date roster of all members.
            c. To keep an attendance record at all practice sessions and other events deemed appropriate.
            d. To report information on numbers of members and attendance percentages on a monthly basis to the church staff.
Section 7. The Treasurer has the following duties and responsibilities:
a. To collect the $1.00 donation at each practice session, pay for the Choir Director's and/or Pianist’s meals when eating out after a practice session (or other appropriate times); and disburse funds for memorials, etc. in accordance with the Choir decisions. The amount will be limited to $ 25.00 for member memorials and $ 20.00 for member's immediate family (this includes spouse, parents, and children). The memorial will be provided as directed  by vote of the Choir.
            b. To maintain records of funds on hand (in cash and in checking account). To provide this  information to members monthly or as requested by the President.
Section 1. The Activities Committee Chairman has the following duties and responsibilities:
            a. To select activities and obtain sufficient information on the subject to present to the  membership for their approval.
            b. Coordinate the preparation for and management of carrying out an activity. It is expected that this person, and their committee, may need and receive help from other members.
Section 2. Sunshine Committee Chairman has the following duties and responsibilities:
            a. To be the point of contact when a member or a member's relative has a health problem or has deceased.
b. To send an appropriate get-well, sympathy, etc. card in regard to persons identified above.
            c. To coordinate with the Treasurer when donations are appropriate as covered in Article 4.          Section 7.a. above. To notify the member or member's family of the donation.
            d. To report to the Group leaders or members of any known illness or death that requires action of this committee.
Section 3. Group Leaders have the following duties and responsibilities:
            a. To keep the members of their group informed of all pertinent activities not commonly known, e.g. special activities, business meetings, death or illness covered in 2.a. above, special practice sessions, singing at a scheduled church service or as deemed necessary by the President or other leader in the YTT Choir.
Section 1.
 For trips and/or other events requiring individual members and non-members to pay a fee through Hillwood Baptist Church or the YTT Choir, said person shall be responsible for deposits and/or fees. Once a commitment has been made by such person, all deposits and/or fees are the total responsibility of that person. If that person cannot fulfill their commitment for a trip and/or event and the time to get a refund of their deposit and/or fees has passed, then such person shall be obligated to either get a suitable substitute or to pay for the trip and/or event. In no case will the Church or Choir or other persons participating in the trip and/or event be responsible to pay for or reimburse the canceling person's responsibilities.
Section 2.
 For scheduled performance within Madison County, the meal(s) of the bus/van driver(s) and pianist meals will be paid by YTT Choir. Trips requiring overnight or longer, the bus/van driver(s) meals going to and returning from shall be provided by YTT Choir. Fuel for Trips outside Madison County, which cannot logically be characterized as a church function, will be funded by passengers on the bus/van.  Bus/van driver will assure that motor vehicle has a full tank of fuel prior to leaving for trip. Bus/van will be refueled upon returning and all fuel used on the trip will be prorated on a per passenger basis to be collected by the treasure, activities director, vice president, president or appointed representative.   
Section 4. To change these bylaws will require an affirmative vote of 2/3 of the members.
                                                                                                                        Adopted 11/07/11