Daily Updates

March 17, 2020
As the suggestions for dealing with the coronavirus seem to change hourly, and now the suggested gatherings size is no more than ten people, I have had to make a decision.  Our offices will close for at least a week starting today at Noon.  The situation will be re-evaluated at that time.


We will still be transferring calls so that we can seek to minister to you the best way we can.  I still want to urge you to mail your tithe or use your bank’s Bill Pay system to send your tithe.  I can't stress enough how important this is in the days to come.  Once again next week, as we are doing today, we will make available a drop off on Tuesday, 10-11 am, for your offering.


We are trying to keep people as healthy as we can.  Please go online to our website at: hillwoodonline.net for information and suggestions pertaining to how to best deal with this virus.


As I went to the church to check on something this past Sunday I noticed two cars coming out of our parking lot.  Once again, help us get the word out to everyone so that we will all be on the same page.


Thanks your help,

Bro. Charles and Paula


March 18, 2020

Join us tonight on Facebook for our Wednesday night Bible study!

Bro. Charles


March 19, 2020

In an attempt to keep you up-to-date about what's going on at HBC I need to share with you what our offering was this past Sunday.  Our received offering through Wednesday was a little over $4,000.  Let me thank those of you who made an effort to get your offering to the church.  I need to remind you however, that our weekly requirements call for an offering over $11,000.  So you can see how critical our giving is at this time. Thanks for what you are going to do.


March 20, 2020

The new windows are going in the worship center this week.  Remember if you need us you can still call the church number.  All calls are being transferred to our Adminstrative staff as they are taking calls from home.


March 21, 2020

We are sad to announce that Kenneth Owens has passed away.  No details at this time.


March 24, 2020

Thanks to those who brought their offering by the church today!


March 25, 2020

Please remember the following people in your prayers.

Shirley Johnson

Erin Crosby

Gerri Rogers

Dona Kindred

Louise Kindred (Michael's stepmom)

Shad Adam's


March 26, 2020

Nothing new to report today.


March 28, 2020

Make plans to join us on Facebook tomorrow for Worship and a message from God's Word.  Should be online by 10:30 AM.