Thanksgiving 2019 is rapidly approaching!  This is such a busy time of the year.  People are going to visit with family and friends.  People are getting geared up to have people into their homes for Thanksgiving.  There are important football games to watch, the list is endless, let's don't leave out shopping!

But we need to stop and remind ourselves that Thanksgiving is about giving thanks to God.  Without God we would really have nothing to be thankful for.  Since last year He has ministered to us in so many ways.  Maybe you had a loved one to die this past year.  Maybe you lost your job this past year.  Maybe your marriage fell apart this past year.  Maybe you have had to endure some serious times of illness this past year.  People face so many things.

But the bottom line is you are still here and God is still on His throne and He continues to watch over us and protect us.  We hope you have a great day of Thanksgiving!

Bro. Charles and Paula






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